Culinary Christmas Gift

Show your staff that you've got taste!
In 2021, Bold Spices has been able to make a number of companies and their staff happy with our products. This year we expanded it further. We partnered up with wonderful companies to have an even more diverse range of end-of-year gifts. On this page, you will find some examples, but we can customize everything to your personal wishes. 

What is possible?

  • Packages in different shapes and sizes, starting at 12 euros.
  • 18 different single-origin herbs and spices and 3 blends, optionally with Bold Spices gift set;
  • Different types of CrushGrind pepper/salt mills;
  • A double-sided usable mortar and pestle;
  • Add a personalized card (optionally designed by us);
  • Adding other products provided by you;
  • In festive gift packaging such as a box, basket, or crate. Always without the use of plastic.

Ordering is possible until November 18, 2022. Delivery in consultation.
Questions? Would you like a quote? Send an email to and we will contact you soon.

In collaboration with the Oesterzwammerij, based in Bloemendaal, we offer the ultimate DIY package with a wonderful circular concept. In discarded collection cans, your employees will be able to grow the most delicious (!) oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds. After harvesting, they can feast on them using Bold Spices spices. Think of oyster mushroom steak with cajun, or oyster mushroom shoarma with an included recipe for shoarma spices.

Salt and pepper may sound a bit boring, but it absolutely doesn't have to be! Zeeuwsche Zoute has been making beautiful artisanal salt for several years, including ones with addition of samphire and black garlic. Combine this with a colorful grinder from CrushGrind and single-origin pepper from Bold Spices and you have a package that everyone will appreciate and use daily.

SVH Master Chef Michel Hanssen is a master of salt-free cooking and has released the beautiful cookbook Spice Wise Green which features creative dishes centered around using herbs and spices. Your vegetables will never be boring again! We can combine this book with single-origin spices from Bold Spices, whether or not in combination with a two-sided mortar, for example.

Bold Spices always looks for the best quality and most extraordinary flavors. Many people don't know that not every (black) pepper tastes the same. The terroir and specific cultivar of the pepper plant give it unique characters worthy of a tasting session. We also have pepper-like varieties in our range, such as long pepper and andaliman, to make it even more exciting. Of course, it also comes with a beautiful pepper mill from CrushGrind. 

CrushGrind pepper and salt grinders 

After many comparisons and tests, we have chosen to sell CrushGrind salt and pepper grinders. This Danish brand makes grinders that are not only very beautiful to look at, but also have a very durable ceramic interior. The grinding degree is adjustable by a dial that is separate from the opening mechanism. As a result, after filling the grinder, you do not have to reset the grinding degree, as with many other brands. The mills can be used for both pepper and salt. A magnetic plate on top of the grinder allows you to indicate what it contains (p or s).

The latest CrushGrind models are made of biocomposite and come in multiple pastel colors. These grinders have the opening at the top, so pepper never spills onto your table.  

Bold Spices gift sets

We have seven themed gift sets in our assortment, of either three or four jars. These come with a flyer explaining the gift set and information about Bold Spices. Of course, we can also put together gift sets based on your or your company's wishes.

Ordering is possible until November 18, 2022. Delivery in consultation.
Questions? Would you like a quote? Send an email to and we will contact you soon.

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